Preparing to return to face-to-face activities

Scouts HQ have published the framework to enable the restart of face-to-face activities.  Like other youth organisations, Scouts are following the guidance issued by the National Youth Agency (this is separate to the guidance for sports or education settings).  Over the last couple of weeks our leaders have been working behind the scenes to make the preparations needed for face-to-face activities to resume.

There are 4 stages to restart, we're currently operating at Red and preparing to move to Amber:

Red Virtual / remote "at home" activities only.
Face-to-face activities allowed outdoors with restricted group sizes and social distancing. 
It is likely that our programme will be a "blend" of face-to-face activities and virtual meetings or "at home" activities.
Face-to-face activities allowed indoors and outdoors with restricted group sizes and social distancing.

It is likely that our programme will be a "blend" of face-to-face activities and virtual meetings or "at home" activities.
Green Full range of activities can resume, including camps.


Our initial risk assessment to allow us to move to Amber has been drafted and we're hoping to submit it into the formal approvals process this week.  Once it has been approved we'll be in contact to explain the changes we're making and what Scouts and parents/carers will need to do differently.  We're hoping that we will be able to restart before the end of the summer holidays.

To help us with our detailed planning we need an idea of how many Scouts are likely to want to take part in activities when we restart.  We also need to know whether anyone needs to car share to get to Scouts, or if there's any other information that we need to take into account.  Parents and carers, please discuss returning to Scouts with your young person and then complete the form below to help us plan for our move to Amber.  Please also make sure that the information we have on OSM (including contact details and medical information is up to date).

If you've got any questions, or wish to discuss any concerns privately, please get in touch via email or phone.

Restart of face-to-face activities survey

The data captured on this form will be used by 1st Hensingham Scout Group section leaders and Executive Committee to gauge interest in and support planning for the restart of face-to-face activities.  Data relating to specific constraints for an individual (e.g. car share requirements) may be added to the OSM record for that member.

Please answer all questions marked with a *.

 Doesn't want to return to Scouts
 12/13 August
 19/20 August
 26/27 August
 2/3 September
 Not available/wanting to attend any

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